At Work

Willem van den Bos
with a technical turn of mind

Willem van den Bos is a native Dutch freelance translator, and has worked successfully for the past ten years for translation agencies and clients all around the world.

Willem van den Bos provides technical translations for several industry branches and especially likes to translate manuals for consumer electronics.

As a flexible professional with a fine eye for detail, Willem delivers work that complies with the EN-15038 - 5.4.1 & 5.4.2 standard, within tight deadlines.

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"Multilingual capabilities did not come as a surprise in my life. I grew up on the Dutch-German border and our local dialect was spoken "on both sides of the post". My father was a German teacher, who loved to juice up day-to-day life with quotes from German history and literature. My mother had taught French and Dutch in her younger days, and was passionate about correct spelling. Word games like scrabble were among our favourite family pastimes. We preferred reading books to watching TV.

I studied English Grammar and Literature at the University of Groningen.

I lived and worked at the Humaniversity, an international training center for personal and professional development. Although the Humaniversity is based in the Netherlands, the official language there is English. As Head of Promotion and Public Relations I was responsible for writing, proofreading, creating promotion material and the Humaniversity Press, an outspoken publication (bi-monthly) with interviews, insights and experiential articles about personal growth and development.


















Next to that I taught myself "computers" and learned desktop publishing, starting with WordStar and the Agfa MCS-typesetting system on a CP/M-computer, then Rank-Xerox Ventura Publisher under MSDOS and eventually Quark XPress under Windows NT. Also I learned programming in Microrim R:Base, the first relational database program for the PC, and developed an interactive course booking system. I learned HTML and created the first Humaniversity website. This has proven to be a good basis for the IT skills that is required of translators today.

At the turn of the century I moved to Germany and studied Tontechnik (sound engineering) at the SAE Hamburg. I completed my studies with a thesis on Underwater Acoustics, written in English.

After my studies, I started doing translation jobs for a transport company in Hamburg (the director was the leader of the blues band that I had recorded and produced for my final SAE examination). Then I decided to earn my living as a freelance translator. I translate from English and German into Dutch.

In my spare time I produce and remix experimental digital music."