The Leningrad Codex


a multi-layer, esoteric adventure novel

When Robert Duval and William Basinski answer the female cries for help in a London bookstore, they little imagine the scope of the adventure they are about to engage. A mysterious parcel, a beautiful young woman, a Jewish Professor with a controversial past and a fertile fantasy, a primeval temple with a gold treasure, Nazi diamonds, the CIA, the Mossad, an evil Cardinal -- and a host of colourful characters from this world and the other side - all guarantee a taut spellbinder, gripping from page to page, all the way to the inevitable end.

"Willem van den Bos takes up where Douglas Adams left off. Far surpasses other efforts for those who can identify real quality in the field of esoteric writings."
Ricky Fairs, London

"An excellent work of creativity, combining elements of mystery, popular crime, Zen, time travel and spirit interactions in a stew rarely tasted by the common man."
P. Richardson

I wrote The Temple Of Berechit in 2009 as a serial for a growing circle of fans on Facebook. I initially conceived it as a Bob Morane adventure and published it in print. However, since the rights to all matters Bob Morane belong to the (Belgian) originator Henri Vernes, I had to take the book off the market, despite its budding success.

Here are a few esoteric excerpts.
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The Gap

The Other Side

We Are All One