At Work


A few days later, Robert Duval was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of muesli. The beautiful Lauresha Ervjollka was sitting opposite him, dressed in a turquoise silk kimono that draped exquisitely around the sensual curves of her irresistible body. Her bare feet gently caressed his legs, while she was preparing a big stone chillum with sage leaves and a crystalline substance that Robert had never seen before. It slightly smelled of putty.

“That is not the hashish you bought from the Austrians the other day,” said Robert.

“This is much better than hashish,” said Lauresha, “You will see…”

Robert had forgotten how long they had already been there. Had it been one, two, three days? They had been making love, smoking, listening to music, eating, sleeping and making more love, and had happily avoided making any plans in the direction of moving anywhere or finding the Temple.

Lauresha beckoned him to follow her to the bedroom, where music was playing from two small speakers. The music was different than Robert was used to, but he quite liked it. Against he backdrop of a rhythmic electronic drone an over-compressed female voice whispered “Shankara, shankara…”

Robert leaned back on the huge heap of cushions that covered Lauresha’s bed. He hadn’t felt so good in his entire life. He relished in the sight of of Lauresha’s soft, muscular body, got lost in her eyes, and he realised he had never felt to close to anybody as to her in this very moment.

Lauresha lit the chillum and inhaled deeply. “Be prepared for a surprise, Robert. You can trust me; you can go with it totally. It is harmless and the trip takes only ten minutes or so…”

She handed him the chillum. Robert puffed and inhaled deeply without a moment’s hesitation. “There is no tobacco in this, is there?” he asked.

Lauresha did not answer. With two hands she held on to Robert, her pupils widening and widening. Suddenly Robert felt as if the top of his head opened, and he shot out like an eagle bursting free from a cage. He spread his wings and soared high. He looked down at Lauresha, whose pupils were now as wide as lakes, and Robert dove down, down, deep into their velvety darkness. Then he soared like a comet between exploding stars into a kaleidoscopic vortex.


Their hands had grown together and started to resemble sheets of parchment that were becoming increasingly transparent. Finally their very bodies were becoming transparent.

“This is absolutely amazing!” exclaimed Robert, but the words were meaningless, and bore no connection to what he was experiencing. The vortex spewed them out and left them hovering above what appeared to be dark waters. Vapour rose up and tarnished the immeasurable dome above their heads.

"This must be it", Robert thought, "...the Temple of Berechit!"

In the midst of bible-black darkness a pillar of light suddenly illuminated the universe around them. There was a deep rumbling sound and a gigantic rushing of water, as rocks rose up from the deep, appearing above the surface. The rocks were glistening wet… muddy…. mouldy… Specks of green appeared, sprouting into a lush tropical jungle that started growing all around them…

“Amazing,” said Robert again, and the word stuck in his mouth like a ball of dry cotton. Slowly he returned to the reality on the bed.

“Isn’t it?” Lauresha beamed. “And we can easily do it a couple of times more. When we take enough rest afterwards, drink enough water and eat well, we will be absolutely fine. Here…” She poured him a large glass of San Bernardino mineral water. “It’s good for you!”

Robert drank the water thirstily, taking deep draughts. Then he took Lauresha in his arms and kissed her. Her sweetness was almost liquid. She started preparing another chillum.

“You couldn’t tell by the smell what that substance actually does,” said Robert.

“I know, my love, Dimethyl Tryptamin doesn’t smell exactly nice, but the sage makes it bearable, and there is no nicotine to dull the effect.”

Lauresha wanted to light the chillum again, but Robert stopped her. “There is somebody outside!” he whispered. “Somebody has been watching us…”

He jumped up and put on the Hyatt bathrobe that was lying on a chair. He tiptoed towards the front door and opened it with a jerk. His breath stopped as he found himself standing face to face with an all too familiar person.

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