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The Other Side

“Yes, indeed we are here to reminisce on these matters and to divulge those unfortunate circumstances that have led to the final termination of my physical form,” Mr. Choi spoke with a sudden British accent.

“My worldly existence indeed ended in that accident, Commander Duval, but I had previously extended my endeavours in preparation of such a disagreeable event. As I already explained to your friend, I had long understood that my old system of bio-replicators was no longer sufficient to guarantee my continuity in this world, so I conceived a new device - one that allows me to project myself from the other side as it were in the form of a simple interactive hologram.”

“So you are actually a spirit, talking to us from the spirit world?” asked Lauresha wide-eyed.

“Yes, Miss Ervjollka, indeed this is the reality as it is presently revealing itself to you,” spoke Mr. Choi. “More often than not, spirits need the bridging capacity of a medium to manifest themselves. My device allows me to bypass the need of such a medium and to display myself directly to those I chose.”

“Whoa, Houdini would have liked that,” grinned Robert. “But why are you manifesting yourself to us, Mr. Choi? In other words, what are you doing here?”

“Again, I would like to ask you the same, Commander Duval. Why are you not in Zürich, celebrating with your friends?”

As they moved to the kitchen, Robert started to feel slightly guilty.

“You were there?” he asked.

“To answer that question to a degree of satisfaction that is sufficient for us to continue on our unfolding endeavour, you must first ask yourself: where am I? Not who am I, but where am I?”

“Your emphases are confusing me, Mr. Choi,” said Lauresha. “So tell me, where are you?”

“Indeed, we can leave the Who am I? question to the meditators,” said the Mongolian. “The Where am I? question is more scientific and therefore to my liking. You see, I am a scientist at heart…”

“You are not answering my question,” said Lauresha.

“The answer to your pertinent question is as simple as it is elegant, Miss Ervjollka. I am here… Yes indeed, here I am, and quite ready for all your questions!”

“We are nicely turning in circles,” said Robert, “So I am asking you again, what are you doing here? What are you up to?”

“Right now we have all the time in the world, I am more than happy to dwell with you on your most urgent questions first… I shall answer them fully and truthfully, without restraint…”

“Tell us more about where,” asked Lauresha, who started to sense the opportunity, the uniqueness, and the urgency of the situation.

“Where is not really a question, because all where is here,” replied Mr. Choi after a short, thoughtful pause. “The universe is built on a simple one-four principle, which allows for ten dimensions of perception. In this plethora of dimensions, we are all one. Now what does this seemingly meaningless new age jargon type statement mean?”

“You tell me, Mr. Choi; you are the expert spirit,” said Lauresha.

As a matter of fact I am channelling,” explained the Mongolian. “In the spirit world it is very rare that one speaks for oneself. The boundaries of the ego have blurred beyond the point of no existence. You may be surprised to learn that we always channel the other side, and that we take great delight in the statements that come to us from the physical world…”

“You mean you spirits are actually channelling us?” exclaimed Lauresha incredulously.

“Of course we never forget to consider that just because you are alive doesn’t mean that you are right…” Mr. Choi chuckled. “Let us go back to answering your question…”

“Existence is not separate from the mind that perceives it. I am aware that the use of the word mind is a bit awkward here, since the mind has been so sorely discredited by the so-called enlightened ones. It might be more accurate to say that existing is not separate from perceiving. Reality, as you know from your ridiculously expensive new age training courses, is what you make it, or rather how you see it, and how you see it largely depends on your viewpoint.”

“Einstein couldn’t have said it better,” remarked Duchamp dryly. “But this is nothing new, Mr. Choi. We’ve heard all of that before…”

“In an attempt to describe existence as it is, one does not necessarily have to come up with ‘new’ concepts, Commander Duval. People tend to like novelties because they can show off with them and receive the attention, approval and admiration that they crave. However, new or old has no meaning on our side…”

“In essence -- and this is neither new nor old -- the whole of Existence exists simultaneously in one infinitely small spot, a singularity as Professor Hawking so aptly calls it. Everything that ever existed, exists and will exist, effectively exists in this singularity, right here. This is the deepest and most fundamental of all realities that can be perceived. We are here and there is nowhere else to go, because here is all there is. There is simply nowhere else to go.”

“And what are we going to do with this useless information?” asked Lauresha, getting slightly impatient.

There was a short silence, in which there was only the sound of Lauresha preparing her chillum with the remainder of the crystalline substance.

“I did a lot of that in my younger days,” said Mr. Choi laughing. “It won’t help you find what you are looking for.”

Lauresha lit the chillum and inhaled deeply. “You said you were going to help us get back to Zürich in time. Do you mean you are going to take us back in time?” she asked, her pupils widening.

“Time, Miss Ervjollka, is not something that one moves along, like an axis on a graph from one century to another. Time does have a multi-dimensional quality to it. These are not the three dimensions of the physical world, but the various other dimensions of emphases of perception that we find we can arrange and re-arrange according to choice…”

Robert gently refused the chillum that Lauresha held out for him.

“The ability to travel in time is essentially a function of one’s state of being,” Mr. Choi continued. “Time travelling in one’s imagination has some energetically physical reality to it, like when you connect to your past lives, but it is constrained or limited to that part of your energy that is able to detach itself from your physical body. But when one has no physicality, like us…”

Mr. Choi chuckled, as just outside the kitchen window there was the faint sound of a bicycle bell and the rattling of pedals. A transparent figure slowly bicycled around the house, bent over the handlebars, an expression of delightful mischief on his face.

“That is my good friend P,” the Mongolian explained. “He has been showing me the way after my sudden departure from the physical world. He is an expert on time travel and I am more than happy to be a mere conduit…”

“As you will understand -- when we leave our physicality behind, we have a greatly enhanced ability to travel in time. Simultaneously we are less constrained by mental considerations of what is possible and what is not possible.”

“However, looking at your present state of mind, Miss Ervjollka,” added Mr. Choi, pointing at the burned out chillum, “Your mental considerations must be quite at large by now…”

“But still, you are held firmly in the sense of time. In our reality however, time appears to be fluid. In fact we spend a great deal of our energies exploring this fluidity of time and we are finding our way to move within it. This is something of an art one could say, since it is not really like driving a car, but more like meditation.”

There was a peaceful silence, in which Lauresha slowly came down.

“We have travelled widely in time in relation to our own past lives,” Mr. Choi continued. “We have found that this has contained enough material of interest for us, without bothering to visit the Garden of Eden or whatever you may imagine a suitable objective of time-travel.”

“Our movements in time are driven by persuasive forces, like the desire to resolve the internal disturbances in our beings, like Commander Duval’s unfortunate sense of incompletion with his friends in Zürich. We can allow these forces to take us into nonphysical realities where time is as amorphous as space.”

The blurry apparition had now entered the kitchen and was calmly cycling along the walls and ceiling.

“P has a strong bridge to this side, and he does not need any external device for it like I do. He has some gifted and exceptionally loving friends. Love is indeed a wonderful bridge…”

“But why the bicycle?” asked Lauresha.

“The bicycle is not really essential. He is merely practising the playful manifestation that he is going to perform on his friends in London…”

Mr. Choi raised the index finger of his gloved hand. “I shall now fulfil my mission and meditate you three days back in time. It has never been performed before, but with the help of my friend P we can’t go wrong.”

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