At Work

A Tète à Tète with God

The meeting took place on the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in Brindisi, Italy, during exactly one single moment, which ended immediately after it started. For the occasion God created a parallel, stretched moment, which passed instantly and unnoticed by the people around me, but which lasted about half an hour for me.

God appeared in front of me in the form of a Kirk Douglas type male with intense blue eyes, bushy brows and long white hair and beard, dressed in a white linen robe. He was wearing sandals; his feet were immaculately clean and did not touch the ground.

God: Yes, it is indeed I, God The Lord Your Creator who is now hovering in front of you, impossible as it may seem to you at this untimely time, given the unlikely circumstances and the unusual environment that you have chosen for your bold, yet praiseworthy enquiry. Rest Assured, Rejoice and Behold: We are Indeed the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of All Things.

After this modest introduction, there was a short blissful silence, and then God continued:

God: Before We start, We shall impress on you that instead of "Lord", We wish to be referred to as "The Beloved God". Yes, yes, We are a jealous God, indeed!

God underlined His request with a bolt of thunder & lightning. Then He gave me a reassuring wink and continued:

God: You may wonder about the Unimaginativeness of Our Optical Appearance, but We thought, keeping the limitations of your education and experience in mind, that this Form would be the least offensive to you. We do not appear in this Form at all times or in all places! God forbid! (chuckling) On planet Gliese 581c for instance, We appear as a Flock of Featherless Birds. On OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, locally known as Gr'thaat, We appear as a two-headed Zulghathrugh, a semi-reptilian mollusc with 96 tentacles and a wolfram exoskeleton.

God smiled proudly.

God: We shall be frank, direct and outspoken and answer your questions freely and without restraint, in clear, unambiguous words. The eternity that We have stretched out of Eternity, is rapidly dwindling, so We suggest to not beat around the bush, but to "get on with it", so to speak.


Me: My friend R wishes to know when You will be coming back to Earth... (R is a renowned London based Spirit Medium)

God (after a short contempative silence): You can tell your friend that his question is a mere tongue-in-cheek attempt to subtly demonstrate a self-appointed superiority in understanding a universe that is by its very nature ununderstandable. R is merely trying to show, "See, I have risen above and I have left the fallacy of the old religion behind, because MY religion is so much better." Verily, this attitude has pervaded each and every religion that has plagued planet Earth since the beginning of time, and nothing good has ever come of it.

Then I asked God what His opinion is about enlightenment.

God: What many of you think is "enlightenment", is not as desirable as you might have seen it advertised with shiny platitudes such as "love", "silence", "bliss", "insight", "wisdom", "oneness" or "godliness".

The fact is, none of you humans can handle the slightest detachment from the physical body. You lose your grip on reality and start ranting and raving, declaring yourselves to be the only begotten Son of God, or comparing in percentage scales what you believe to be your achievement, or destroying the body with things like diet coke and nitric oxide.

"If not enlightenment, where are we doing it for then?" I asked.

God: OK, listen carefully. I will explain it to you. It is so simple that even a four-year old can understand:

1. We are not nice: we are not your uncle.
2. We are not an authority.
3. You are free.

As for your Place in Existence, you can easily picture yourself as a small soap bubble inside a Large Soap Bubble. When the Large Soap Bubble moves, you move. When the Large Soap Bubble doesn't, you don't. From that you can infer the extent of your freedom.

Now, my inquisitive friend, this eternity has nearly come to an end. We shall leave you now to the next eternity, which is starting shortly, as eternities do. Eternities start and simultaneously end, so you need to be utterly undistracted in order to appreciate them.

With these words God became transparent and disappeared, leaving no trace behind.